The Bureau Group

Private Investigators in West Michigan

Four FBI Special Agents, all who have spent the majority of their careers in Western Michigan, have formed an alliance to address a wide range of private investigations throughout the area for companies, corporations and/or individuals.

This formed alliance of retired FBI private investigators makes up The Bureau Group. We offer professional, discrete, and effective private investigative services in the greater Grand Rapids area and throughout West Michigan.

Since leaving government service, each investigator had created their own individual company and acquired licensing through the State of Michigan, along with the required bonds and private insurance. As investigative work has continued to expand and develop, it was recognized that an efficient and professional service could be best provided by forming this consortium to better serve all clients.


Experienced in Missing Persons, Fraud, Identity Theft, and More

These private investigators and former FBI Special Agents are experienced in a variety of investigations to include but not limited to fraud, income and asset verification, identity theft and computer intrusions, missing persons, internal inquiries, and due diligence on loans. The Bureau Group can also conduct background investigations on a prospective human resource hiring.


Training and Consulting for Business Security and Protection Issues

The Bureau Group can provide training and consulting in the areas of protocols and safeguards concerning site and personnel security, behavioral analysis and threat assessment, and protection issues. Training can also be offered in the areas of loss prevention, work place violence, and fingerprint identifications.


Investigative Reporting and Documentation

While The Bureau Group utilizes the latest technological innovations, most information is uncovered by personal contacts and hard work. The Bureau Group will provide supporting documentation for all private investigations conducted in the form of a confidential report provided only to the client. This includes video and audio tape, photographs, and comprehensive statements.

The Bureau Group is part of a consortium of retired FBI Special Agents and other private investigators facilitating investigations and the gathering of information throughout the United States and around the world.